CampLyfe: Day 8

It’s day 8. The grind is real. We still have three more padded practices until our next day off and until we fly to Foxboro for our practices and preseason game with the Patriots. You can’t become complacent. You can’t let the grind make you slow down. You have to push through and continue to strive to become your best. You have to challenge yourself day after day. You can’t let the grind get to you. This is when you might start changing things up. Maybe not do as much recovery or rehab because your too tired. Maybe you don’t study as much or watch as much film. Your body is telling you to sleep when you need to continue to stay in your routine. My older brother, Jonathan, always says, “When’s the body’s tired, exercise the mind”. Stick to your routine. Don’t let exhaustion ruin any opportunity. You need to take advantage of everyone you get and let me tell you, it doesn’t happen often.


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