CampLyfe Day 6

image1-169x300Camp is always rough. The soreness. The hitting. But the worst part is probably being away from your wife and kids. My wife and baby girl Mya went home for two weeks and – let me tell you – it’s the hardest thing in the world being away from them. Mya just turned three months old. I feel like I haven’t seen her forever. I see teammates like Paul Worrilow and Justin Durant seeing their families after practices and feel so jealous. I’m blessed to be able to see them via FaceTime (thank you, Apple!), but it still isn’t the same. Thank goodness that they fly back in this Saturday, because I don’t think I could go another week without them. They are my joy. I can’t express how much I can’t wait to see them. I miss my little Georgia Peach and my lovely wife Marissa. #StupLyfe #CampLyfe

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