CampLyfe: Day 4

It was say two of full pads and, as expected, it was tough. The coaches have us grinding. We weren’t so lucky with the weather this time. It was the definition of camp weather. Hot, hot and hot. Soreness is definitely at a new level now since today’s practice. The grind is just starting. Before you know it, we will be on our way to Foxboro for practice and our preseason against the Patriots.

A nice little surprise happened. Peyton Manning was in the area and decided to stop on by. I don’t need to tell you how great he is. I was able to talk to him for a quick second which was pretty cool. I never got to play against him, but I wish I had. But anyways, off to the cold tubs again to build my body back up to do everything tomorrow again. After tomorrow we have our day off which is going to be clutch.

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