CampLyfe Day 2

Throughout Falcons camp I’ll be posting a diary entry recapping the day. Check back, share and enjoy #CampLyfe!


unnamed-225x300What up ya’ll? Today was a perfect day for some football in Atlanta. An overcast day and a breeze made it feel amazing today. I felt like I could run forever, even after our first day back yesterday. I have to give credit to my Normatec and GameReady for keeping me healthy. Best decisions I’ve made in keeping my body recovered. I’m in my GameReady right now as I’m writing. Today was another step forward to becoming something great. Coach Quinn harps on competition and man did we compete today. I love the situations he places us in. It preps us in becoming great in pivotal situations. I can feel something special brewing here in a Flowery Branch. More to come tomorrow! Stay blessed and always remember #StupLyfe and make sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram at @thenastynate54.

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