CampLyfe: Day 2

IMG_5894Today was very overcast. It was nice not getting destroyed by the sun’s heat. People had some extra juice today because of it. I know the linebackers were running around and making plays today. We are definitely going to be a tough group. Got a lot of talent in our room, even our rookie linebackers are showing up on tape. It’s fun to see the unity that is happening.

Just like yesterday we were in helmets today. And tomorrow we are finally in pads. Kind of crazy we haven’t put on the pads since last season. Gunna have to dust off the rust tomorrow. I’m sure we will be fine though. I’m excited to put them back on and start to really compete. The game changes once they are on. You figure out who you really are. Time for the real grind to start. See ya’ll tomorrow. Listen for the smacks and whacks! You’ll hear them echoing off the White Sulphur Spring mountains at about 9:30am.


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